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What to expect from your first Acupuncture Treatment 

When you first come into the office and meet the practitioner there will be a health ‘interview’ when you and the acupuncturist discuss many different topics regarding your health and lifestyle with a focus on your main complaint(s).
The acupuncturist will check your pulse, look at your tongue, and possibly feel the abdomen. Through discussion, sight, and light touch the acupuncturist can determine the best treatment for you. 
You will then lay down on the treatment table, depending on where the treatment is being done you may lay in different positions  during different sessions. 
You will then be asked to maneuver or  roll up your clothes so the acupuncturist may insert the needles. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothes during your session. 
The acupuncturist will first sterilize the area with a cotton ball and alcohol, after this is done the acupuncturist will start the insertion of single-use sterilized needles. 
 A very thin and flexible needle that is the width of only a few strands of hair will be inserted, you will feel little to no sensation and then the needles will sit while you relax and lay down for approx. 40mins. Many patients find themselves so relaxed that they take a nap. 
Please set aside an hour and 15 minutes for your first session and 60 minutes for follow up sessions. After the time is up the acupuncturist will take out the needle and you will slowly sit up, the acupuncture will ask some questions about how you are feeling. 
After the session it is best to move around slowly at first and drink a lot of water throughout the rest of the day. 
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